Bettina Dembek designs technology-based learning environments that facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer. She has exceptional knowledge of adult learning theory, curriculum design, and best practices in e-learning, and has designed for face-to-face, online, and blended audiences. Her work has resulted in significant changes to national and regional education policies.

During her 20-year career in education, Dembek has supported the efforts of government officials, corporate leaders, NGO staff, aid workers, and teachers around the world. She has developed materials across a wide range of subject areas, including physical and environmental sciences, leadership training, skill development, as well as two national teacher training courses that have been implemented in over 50 universities and colleges in Pakistan.

Dembek has an MA in learning and teaching from Stuttgart University, Germany, and an EdM in international education policy from Harvard University.

“Across all modalities, one design principle holds true: development must begin with the end user in mind.”

Speaking Highlights

Becoming a Seminar Leader for Making Scientific Thinking Happen in the High School Classroom

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Convention
Anaheim, CA

Ninth Graders’ Misconceptions in Chemistry

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Convention
Dallas, TX

A New Twist on Hands-On Intro Chemistry

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Convention
Atlanta, GA

Linking Chemistry to Other Science Disciplines

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Convention
Philadelphia, PA

Increasing Educational Attainment of Aboriginal Students

Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference
Washington, DC

Selected Publications

Dembek, B. (2003). Professional development for high school science teachers—Views from the field. Newton, MA: Education Development Center, Inc.