Daniel Light, PhD, examines the issues of school reform, social media and the networked world, and technology-enhanced education across school systems in the United States and internationally. With expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Light seeks to identify new strategies to improve outcomes for students, particularly those in under-resourced communities.

For more than 20 years, Light has led extensive research on the introduction of technology and pedagogical reform in schools around the world, particularly in Latin America. His international experience includes the coordination of various multi-country studies and over 10 years leading an international evaluation of Intel’s® teacher training programs. In the United States, he has studied comprehensive systems of learning supports, innovative models of high school education, computer science, and the design of technology-related needs assessment instruments.

Light received an MA in international affairs from Carleton University and an MA in sociology and historical studies and a PhD in sociology from the New School for Social Research.

Speaking Highlights

Big Data Goes to School

Invited speaker, Communicative Figurations Conference
Bremen, Germany

Creating Better E-Learning Environments in Developing Countries: Looking at Experiences in Many Countries

ICERI International Conference of Education, Research, and Innovation
Seville, Spain

Coding Twitter, Lessons from a Content Analysis of Informal Science

American Educational Research Association
San Antonio, TX

The Use of Khan Academy in Chilean Classrooms

IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
Athens, Greece

Selected Publications

Light, D. (2014). Technology, teaching, and learning. In State of the world’s children 2015: Reimagine the future: Innovation for every child. New York, NY: UNICEF.

Light, D., & Pierson, E. (2014). Case studies of Russian educators transforming classroom practices through ICT-rich school environments. In R. Huang, Kinshuk, & J. K. Price (Eds.), ICT in education in global context: Emerging trends report 2013–2014 (pp. 47–64). Berlin, DE: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Light, D. (2013). Multiple paths to the 21st Century: National responses to enhancing education with ICTs in Chile, India, and Turkey. In R. A. DeVillar, B. Jiang, & J. Cummins (Eds.), Transforming education: Global perspectives, experiences and implications. New York, NY: Peter Lang, Inc.

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