Ronnie Lovich directs health and wellness programs that serve adolescents and young people around the world. During her 25-year career, she has been at the forefront of efforts to improve health outcomes for women, youth, and children. She has expertise in the areas of adolescent health, maternal and newborn care, and sexual and reproductive health. She has also developed HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programming in a range of epidemic contexts in Africa and Asia.

Lovich currently provides support and high-level technical leadership, including strategy development and new business growth, to EDC’s Global Health portfolio, serving young people and families. She has worked closely with ministries of health, policy makers, academic partners, and global leadership within the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and other funders. Lovich has also co-chaired key interagency task teams addressing HIV and sexual and reproductive health. Her technical work includes support for Districts of Excellence, transformative approaches to gender and community mobilization, and capacity building.

Initially a nurse practitioner, Lovich holds a master’s degree in both nursing and public health from Columbia University.

“For public health programs to be truly transformative, they must be steeped in deep understanding and meaningful engagement of the populations we are trying to serve.”

Speaking Highlights

The Double Dividend: Action to Improve Survival of HIV exposed Infected and Uninfected Children in the Era of eMTCT and Renewed Child Survival Campaigns

Presentation, Annual General Meeting of the Interagency Task Team on Prevention and Treatment of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women, Mothers, and Children
Johannesburg, South Africa
November 2014

Improving Use of Project Data: What Are We Learning? Review of Data Lessons from Mining of Program Data on Young Members of Key Populations

IATT Strategic Information Consultation
Bangkok, Thailand
September 2012

Hidden Epidemics, Hidden Threats. Learning: Working with Children among Most At Risk Populations

Fifth Global Partners Forum on Children Affected by HIV and AIDS
New York, NY
June 2011

Engaging Communities in Establishing Care and Support Systems

Committee on the Status of Women
New York, NY
February 2011

Selected Publications

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