Al Cuoco, an international leader in mathematics education and EDC distinguished scholar, is dedicated to fostering a deep interest in and appreciation for mathematics. For decades, he has designed programs that engage students and teachers in rich experiences doing mathematics. In 2018, he received the Mary P. Dolciani Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field, and especially the highly original and mathematical nature of these contributions.

Cuoco is a prolific author, as well as an innovative instructional designer. His resources seek to excite learners and teachers by plunging them deeply into exploring and applying mathematical habits of mind. A few of his resources include Linear Algebra and Geometry, CME Project, Implementing the Mathematical Standards, and IAS/PCMI-The Teacher Program Series

A former teacher, Cuoco is a staunch advocate in helping teachers make high-quality mathematics accessible to all young people. He serves on the board of directors for Math for America–Boston and is a member of the International Program Committee of ICMI Study 24. 

Cuoco holds a PhD in mathematics from Brandeis University.