Paul Goldenberg, distinguished scholar, adviser, and internationally known expert in mathematics education, designs innovative, evidence-based mathematics and computer science (CS) instructional resources for learners and teachers. For over 40 years, he has developed curricula that take advantage of and build upon learners’ natural curiosity. His materials—including Transition to Algebra, Beauty and Joy of Computing (an Advanced Placement CS Principles course), Think Math!, and Ways to Think About Mathematics—are used in classrooms nationwide.

A widely published author, Goldenberg champions the importance of students’ development of mathematical habits of mind. He has a special focus on using games, puzzles, and strengths-based approaches to support young children’s successful mathematics learning.

Goldenberg co-leads three initiatives that focus on mathematics education and interdisciplinary CS/mathematics education: Supporting Success in Algebra, Math+C, and Think Math+C. A former teacher, he worked closely with Seymour Papert at Logo Lab and co-authored the seminal book Exploring Language with Logo.

He holds a BA in Psychology from Brandeis University and an EdM in Elementary Education and PhD in Curriculum and Supervision from Harvard University.