Jill Neumayer DePiper, mathematics education expert and research scientist, advances knowledge of strategies to enhance the quality and equity of mathematics instruction. She also leads initiatives that provide teachers with the tools and knowledge they need to improve student outcomes. Drawing on her instructional design expertise, she specializes in developing and studying approaches that enable teachers to engage, support, and build upon the multicompetences of students who are emergent multilingual learners.

In Analyzing Diagrams: Support for English Learners, Neumayer DePiper is developing and studying innovative mathematics instructional materials. She takes a lead role in instrument design and data analysis for Visual Access to Mathematics. Neumayer DePiper supports mathematics teacher leaders as part of REL Appalachia and facilitates the implementation of culturally responsive-sustaining education for the Region 2 Comprehensive Center.

Neumayer DePiper co-authored Mathematical Thinking and Communication and “Promoting Teacher Self-Efficacy for Supporting English Learners in Mathematics.” She has also published on mathematics teacher identity and the relationships between teacher knowledge and beliefs.

Neumayer DePiper holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland.