Marion Goldstein, educational technology expert and research scientist, advances knowledge of strategies to close STEM opportunity gaps for pre-K–12 students. Drawing on her deep knowledge of child development, program evaluation, and design-based and mixed-methods research methodologies, she guides the design of effective and engaging public media programming and curricular approaches.

Goldstein co-leads Integrating Science with Mathematics and Engineering, a National Science Foundation-funded effort to support young children in low-income communities in learning science, engineering, and mathematics at preschool and home. She designs instruments and conducts research for Ready To Learn, and leads the evaluation of Community Collaboratives for Early Learning and Media, a network of 30 PBS member stations and partners implementing programming for children and families.  

Some of Goldstein’s recent publications include “Science Takes Center Stage,” “Ramp It Up!” “From Puddles to Pigeons,” and “Researching a New Pathway for Promoting Children’s Active Outdoor Science exploration in Urban Settings.”

Goldstein holds a BA from University of Pennsylvania, an MA from New York University, and an EdD in Educational Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University.