December 6, 2021

Four Resources for #CSEd Week

These resources are perfect for computer science students of all ages.

Knowledge of computer science can unlock careers in all sorts of fields, from linguistics to aerospace. And because the subject is constantly evolving, it’s never too early—or too late!—to pick up the fundamentals.

During Computer Science Education Week, EDC is sharing activities and curricula that will help students of all ages learn the basics of this essential subject. Check out the resources below.

Math Microworlds

These mini-units help children in elementary school apply the basics of computer programming to solve a variety of mathematical problems. Children use Snap!, a block-based programming language, throughout the investigations.

Integrating Computational Thinking

Computational thinking—the ability to break down a complex problem into discrete steps—is a foundational skill for computer science. These modules for students in grades 1 to 6 build computational thinking skills into common topics taught in elementary mathematics, such as angles, fractions, and measurement.

Beauty and Joy of Computing

This advanced placement computer science principles course introduces high school students to the fundamentals of computer science through the Snap! programming language. It is currently in use in high schools throughout the United States.

Why Computer Science Education? A Toolkit for Parents 

This toolkit links parents to a wide array of resources—including “fast facts,” fun family activities, and scholarship information—to prepare children and youth to thrive in our wired world and its workplaces.