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Crystal Jackson, an EDC senior research scientist, is an expert in youth and emerging adult development. Jackson is committed to advancing...
David Jacobson, a nationally recognized expert and innovator in education reform, brings deep experience in early childhood education, school improvement, applied research, strategic planning, collective impact, place-based initiatives, and addressing inequality.
Cornelia Janke, senior international technical advisor, designs and manages international education programs, mobilizing communities to become active participants in the education system.
Sarah Jerome, a public health expert, researcher, and training and technical assistance (TTA) specialist, is dedicated to eliminating health disparities and promoting health equity for disenfranchised, marginalized, and underserved communities.
Jamie Jobe is a research associate experienced in quality improvement, sexual/mental health, early childhood development, and substance use.
Shawna Hite-Jones is a senior prevention specialist with the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.
Ivy Jones Turner, an expert in behavioral and mental health promotion and prevention, is an experienced program leader, technical...
Jasmina Josić is an educational researcher with 15 years of research and evaluation experience focusing on the social context of education...
Jessica Juliuson, an expert in college and career readiness, cultivates strategic partnerships among schools, communities, and industry to enhance outcomes for youth.