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Rachel Christina, PhD, designs, implements, and evaluates research-based education initiatives around the world, with emphases on literacy, school quality improvement, teacher and school leader professional development, and early childhood development.

Christina is a skilled researcher and has extensive expertise in international monitoring and evaluation. She has managed the adaptation of EDC’s Standards-Based Classroom Observation Protocol for general and literacy instruction in a range of countries; led a comprehensive, multi-domain assessment of the Lebanese public education system; and conducted evaluations of school quality improvement efforts and systemic education reforms in the United States.

In her current role as director of EDC’s Basic Education and Literacy technical team, Christina has overseen the refinement and strategic rollout of EDC’s signature Read Right Now! literacy program, as well as the promotion of EDC’s interactive audio instruction methodology for reaching the most disadvantaged children with early childhood programming. She has provided technical support for EDC’s basic and pre-primary education programs in Egypt, Lebanon, Benin, the Philippines, Yemen, and Tanzania, and provides quality assurance for the implementation of Read Right Now! in a range of countries, including Senegal, Mali, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Christina holds a PhD in education policy studies from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Speaking Highlights

Differentiating and Enriching Fluency and Comprehension Instruction: Read Right Now! in Mali, DRC, Senegal, and the Philippines

Paper presentation, Annual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
Washington, DC
March 2015

Great Expectations: Reflections on Reading Results Achieved to Date and Prospects for “All Children Reading” Under the Post-2015 Goals

Paper presentation, CIES annual meeting
Washington, DC
March 2015

Interactive Audio Instruction Expands Access to Early Learning: Lessons from Low-Income and Fragile States

Invited presentation, World Bank Early Learning Partnership
Washington, DC
February 2015

Tapping Technology to Promote Early Childhood Development

World Bank Development Dialogue
January 2015

Read Right Now!: Designing Comprehensive Literacy Programming

Paper presentation, CIES annual meeting
Toronto, Canada
March 2014

Supporting Literacy at Scale in Challenging Contexts

Paper presentation, World Literacy Summit
Oxford, UK
April 2014

Designing and Implementing Literacy Programs: Read Right Now!

Invited presentation, USAID Education Summit
Washington, DC
August 2013

Selected Publications

Christina, R., & Vinogradova, E. (Spring, 2017). Differentiation of effect within systemic literacy programs in Rwanda, the Philippines, and Senegal. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 2017(155), 51–65.

Christina, R. (2011). First principles: Designing effective education programs for early childhood development. Washington, DC: American Institutes for Research/EQUIP 1.

Selected Resources


This brief describes EDC’s deep commitment to ensuring that all young children have the support they need during the critical early childhood window of time.


This toolkit provides program designers with information on how to develop and implement effective early childhood interactive audio instruction (IAI) programs in a range of settings.


EDC conducted a research study in the Democratic Republic of Congo to test the effects of teacher knowledge and practice on student learning.