The U.S. faces persistent problems in its education systems, including opportunity gaps, that negatively impact students’ learning and achievement. Changing the systems is complex. State education agency (SEA) and local education agency (LEA) leaders face competing demands, shifting priorities, and budget constraints that impede their progress. In addition, leaders lack research on effective strategies to help them meet their goals to strengthen systems.

EDC is partnering with WestEd on the Region 2 Comprehensive Center (R2CC), an initiative that supports SEA and LEA leaders in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island in using evidence-based strategies to achieve sustainable improvements in education systems. Working closely with leaders, R2CC provides technical assistance and content expertise—including guidance in using continuous improvement processes—that help leaders enhance education to better support students.

Key Activities

Project activities include the following:

  • Conduct needs assessment to understand priorities, capacity, and readiness to address urgent educational problems in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island
  • Engage stakeholders in defining problems and designing evidence-based solutions that respond to local needs
  • Create tools and resources that meet user needs and support organizational goals
  • Design policies, systems, and structures aligned to leaders’ goals and appropriate for their district or state
  • Develop plans to carry out and scale up evidence-based practices that have been tested and refined through continuous improvement

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