Ashley Lewis Presser leads research that advances knowledge of the classroom practices that best support Pre-K–12 learning and achievement. She has expertise in conducting randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental studies, design-based research, and program evaluation.

Lewis Presser is well known in the early childhood field for her findings on strategies to enhance early mathematics and science learning, effective technology use with young children, and the symbolic understanding of young children. In addition, she pursues a diverse array of research interests, including evaluating informal and formal STEM programs, examining comprehension within various media formats, and exploring how digital games promote learning.

To ensure her findings reach teachers, families, and the public, Lewis Presser regularly shares her work in videos (Next Generation Preschool Math), blog posts (“Finding Their Way: Family Engagement with Digital Math Activities Helps Children Develop Spatial Skills” and “Playing Tablet Games with Young Children to Promote Spatial Thinking”), and articles for teachers (“Ramp It Up!”), as well as reports and chapters.

Lewis Presser holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota.