Eric Vrba is the assistant director of business development for EDC’s U.S. Division. He brings 20 years of experience in social science research and 10 years of experience in nonprofit business development and management. He contributes to business development strategies, systems, and success across the division. He specializes in identifying and analyzing opportunities, developing tools and trainings to build staff capacity, and guiding bid teams in shaping proposals for a wide array of funders.

Vrba leads and co-leads U.S. Division efforts to secure grants and contracts. He is an expert in facilitating the strategic use of collaboration tools—as well as knowledge management and enterprise systems—to support efficient business development, manage projects, and synthesize data for reporting.

Previously at EDC, Vrba advanced research and development focused on health and human development. He is the co-author of an article published in the American Journal of Community Psychology.

Before joining EDC, Vrba started his career in archaeology, obtaining an MA in Classics from the University of Arizona and a PhD in Archaeological Studies from Boston University.