Jamie Jobe is a skilled public health and social work professional dedicated to addressing health disparities and improving health outcomes. With expertise in product development, project management, instructional design, and quality improvement, Jobe excels in converting complex research into accessible educational resources.

With 15 years at EDC, her work spans a range of topics, such as substance misuse prevention, trauma-informed care, HIV services, home visiting, intimate partner violence, and early childhood development. She also has extensive experience working with diverse groups, such as Native American and Alaska Native communities, older adults, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

As the products manager for EDC’s Strategic Prevention Technical Assistance Center, Jobe plays a pivotal role in developing and disseminating comprehensive prevention resources and materials. She is also a writer, editor, and instructional designer for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS “Ending the Epidemic” program, training clinical and non-clinical service providers on ways to enhance care and improve outcomes for people with HIV.

Jobe holds an MPH in Health Management and Policy and an MSW in Community Organization from San Diego State University.