Kim Dash, senior research scientist, develops, evaluates, and promotes the use of evidence-informed public health interventions. A thought leader in behavioral and social health and published author, she possesses expertise in prevention and implementation sciences and program and policy evaluation.

Dash has led over 15 projects addressing mental health, substance misuse, violence, and trauma. She leads the evaluation of a citywide initiative that fosters community resilience to address stress and trauma and is creating a tool to help colleges reduce drug misuse. She oversees a six-site study to examine the efficacy of an intervention that emergency departments use to identify older adults at risk for or experiencing mistreatment.

An expert in evaluation, Dash uses qualitative and quantitative methods to assess public health program and policy implementation and effectiveness. She specializes in evaluation capacity building and directed a national initiative that helped 500 community-based organizations design and evaluate innovative prevention programs for underserved populations.

Dash holds an MPH from the University of North Carolina and a PhD in Child, Youth, and Family Policy from Brandeis University.