Lilita Matison is a mental health and trauma expert specializing in trauma-informed approaches, mindfulness, and resilience. Matison brings over 20 years of clinical and teaching expertise as an educational program director, national and international trainer, and curriculum designer.

As a mental health project director for EDC’s Trauma Recovery, Mental Health Promotion, Violence Prevention team, Matison provides consultation on advancing community collaboration and grant-funded initiatives in resilience and post-tragedy work. She also develops and delivers trauma-informed and mental health training to organizations and communities.

Prior to joining EDC, Matison worked in global trauma relief programming with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and in school-based mental health and social and emotional learning programming. She is the co-author of a series of curricula that focus on the neurobiology of stress and trauma, somatic and sensory strategies for managing stress, and mind-body skills for emotional regulation.

Matison holds an MSW in Management of Human Resource Organizations from the University of Michigan and is licensed in Michigan. She is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and is fluent in French, Latvian, and English.