Meghan Robles, an expert in early childhood education, draws upon her experience as a teacher, coach, and crisis intervention specialist to help educators improve young children’s learning and wellness. She is dedicated to building educators’ capacity to create high-quality, equitable classrooms and to use reflective coaching, facilitative leadership, inquiry-based practice, and systems thinking to advance continuous quality improvement.

Robles is a training and technical assistance (TA) associate at EDC’s Center for Early Learning Professionals. In this role, she provides in-person and virtual TA and professional development to support all Rhode Island early childhood providers in increasing the quality of early childhood education services and programs.

In all of her work, Robles guides the use of mindfulness to promote positive teacher-child relationships, foster teacher well-being, and develop children’s social and emotional skills. She is the author of a recent Edutopia article on the topic. Before joining EDC, she was an educational coordinator at the Mariposa Center.

Robles holds an MEd in Education from Antioch University and a BA in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College.