Peter Tierney-Fife, a senior curriculum and instructional design associate, works to improve the learning and teaching of pre-K–12 mathematics and science. Tierney-Fife has expertise in materials development, blended learning, program implementation, technology integration, school improvement, instrument and survey design, and qualitative research methods.

Tierney-Fife advances initiatives focused on learners who are multilingual, rural STEM education, and educator professional learning. His work includes designing learning resources and experiences, authoring online apps, and contributing to articles for practitioners, blogs, papers, and research articles. He also supports program evaluations and education research.

Currently, Tierney-Fife works on mathematics professional learning projects for the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands and the Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest. He is a Math for All coach and a member of the Real World, Real Science evaluation team. Prior work includes providing technical assistance through the Region 1 Comprehensive Center and developing and implementing Visual Access to Mathematics. Earlier in his career, Tierney-Fife taught grades 7–9 mathematics in Maine and in Italy.

Tierney-Fife holds an MSEd from the University of Southern Maine.