Rachel Pascale, an expert in training and instructional design, advances initiatives focused on social and emotional learning (SEL), mental health promotion, substance misuse prevention, early childhood, and out-of-school time learning.

Pascale has extensive communications and product development experience. As a MIECHV Technical Assistance Resource Center universal technical assistance coordinator and an instructional designer with the Social and Emotional Learning & Mental Health Academy, she writes user-friendly practitioner tools, designs and presents engaging trainings, and creates interactive online learning experiences.

Pascale’s professional passion lies in understanding the intersection of society’s leading public health problems to craft effective solutions. She managed a national webinar series on these issues and co-leads EDC’s Suicide and Substance Misuse Working Group. Previously, for EDC’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, she developed tools to foster cross-sector collaboration for the Prevention Collaboration in Action Toolkit.

Pascale holds a BA in American Studies from Dickinson College and received her PMD Pro Certification in project management from APMG International.