Susan Ross is experienced in designing and leading national level and U.S.-based education and community development projects in areas as diverse as teacher development, systems strengthening support, curriculum and standards design, early literacy and numeracy, accelerated education, and community support for education. As a portfolio leader, she draws upon her experience in education and development program leadership to guide colleagues implementing EDC programs on how to adapt best practices in multiple contexts.

Ross has broad-based, long-term country and regional experience as an education technical and development program leader in Honduras, Haiti, Egypt, Bangladesh, and elsewhere across regions. She is a technical expert in early-grade reading and literacy as well as in education provision for crisis and conflict-affected populations, out-of-school children and youth, and teacher professional development and coaching. She has also addressed gender equity and inclusive education concerns by engaging the private sector and developing local capacity.

Susan holds an MPPM from Yale School of Management and an MAT from Emory University. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has a strong working knowledge of French.