September 15, 2020

School is starting, and we are hearing lots of questions from teachers and families:

  • Where can I find answers to my questions about elementary school math?
  • How can I help children develop fluency with their math facts?
  • What are some routines and activities that work for in-person and remote learning?
  • How can I make learning math more engaging?

To answer these and many other common math questions, EDC has launched, which provides free access to a collection of EDC’s work in elementary mathematics. is dedicated to giving K–6 teachers, families, and researchers ideas and materials for:

  • Effectively teaching mathematics—both mathematical thinking and mathematical skills
  • Helping you and your children experience and enjoy the logic, beauty, surprise, and creativity of mathematics

All EDC education work is rooted in partnerships with teachers, and many of our staff are or were classroom teachers. Consequently, we work closely with teachers and schools to construct new tools and models grounded in the daily realities of the classroom, whether in school or from home.

How can our website help you?

  • Search our extensive collection of Mental Math exercises that develop fact-fluency and an understanding of number and operations. These exercises are lively, brief, and light—playful—and are done orally without paper and pencil. They are good for using in class, while waiting in a line, when starting an online session, or at home—anytime you have a few minutes!
  • Browse our collection of Headline Stories, which includes over 700 discussion prompts that use images and stories to promote mathematical conversation and flexible thinking.
  • Access EDC’s comprehensive K–5 curriculum Think Math!, developed with funding from the National Science Foundation. Think Math! takes advantage of children’s natural curiosity to build skills through puzzles, investigations, and games, all of which develop mathematical habits of mind.
  • Play with the Math + Programming online environments designed for children to explore key mathematical content through block-based programming.
  • Read posts from the Math Library that answer questions teachers and families most frequently ask about elementary mathematics. Or ask a question that could be addressed in a future post!

With so many educational resources available, it is sometimes hard to know where to turn. We hope that helps teachers and families streamline that process. Bookmark the site, try some of our resources, and watch what children can discover.

 Kate Coleman, an expert in elementary mathematics, has over 15 years of experience in designing innovative, effective curricula, assessments, and professional development.
Kristen Reed is an expert in early childhood and elementary mathematics with over 20 years of experience working with principals, teachers, and families in research, instructional design, and professional development.
Elementary and Secondary Education

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