Our world is facing acute crises, including educational inequities, health disparities, and mental health and substance use epidemics. Every day, these crises are negatively impacting the learning and/or well-being of billions of people of all ages. In addition, our vital education, health, and behavioral workforces are stressed and experiencing high turnover.

EDC brings 60 years of experience collaborating with public and private partners to address these challenges around the world. On projects both large and small, we have connected with people and organizations who are passionate about driving progress in their communities. Together, we have strengthened systems, built professional capacity, and guided the implementation and evaluation of comprehensive, evidence-based approaches.

In the past, when our projects reached the end of their grants, clients asked, “How can we continue to work together?” EDC Solutions is our answer. Across the United States, our EDC Solutions team works with changemakers to identify and implement strategic interventions focused on strengthening systems to improve outcomes for children, youth, and adults. Through the delivery of just-in-time training and technical assistance, tailored consultation, and award-winning products, we provide health and education solutions that are feasible and effective.

Key Activities

EDC Solutions provides direct, cost-effective, and tailored services focused on three key areas:

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EDC Solutions