USAID learning networks enable the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and products between USAID and its implementing partners. However, USAID staff face two challenges: (1) the lack of access to appropriate, timely information and tools and (2) the lack of a reliable platform, or a reliable and inclusive process, that can help them document, learn from, advance, or contribute their field experience to other institutions and colleagues within their local context and beyond.

To address these challenges, EDC is implementing the Leading Through Learning Global Platform (LTLGP), a five-year $36.8 million project. Through LTLGP, EDC is working with USAID’s Center for Education to enhance education program quality and further position USAID as a thought leader in knowledge management for development

To realize this vision, LTLGP is creating a distributed network of three to six regional hubs around the world. Each hub will support demand-driven learning networks focused on priority technical areas, including foundational skills, education in crisis and conflict, and higher education. Through the hubs and learning networks, USAID and its implementing partners will be able to access, build, and share knowledge to address local needs while also benefiting from and contributing to a global community of learning.

Key Activities

  • Build a global network of hubs where members can access, share and build knowledge  
  • Reactivate USAID learning networks (ECCN and GRN) and create new learning networks as needed
  • Support learning networks to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and to document and share knowledge among donors and implementing partners


EDC’s vision is that LTLGP will:

  • Significantly contribute to the establishment and expansion of a global education learning system for USAID and its partners
  • Enhance education program quality by developing evidence-based and evidence-informed technical tools and resources for education programing
  • Further position USAID as a thought leader in knowledge management for development

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