The consequences of substance misuse are devastating to individuals and families, and they impact our criminal justice, social services, and education systems. In 2017, over 70,000 Americans died due to drug-related overdoses, and two-thirds of these deaths involved opioids. From 2017 to 2019, teen vaping rates doubled. Additionally, in the United States, substance misuse results in over $740 billion in costs related to crime, lost work productivity, and health care each year.

Through the Northeast and Caribbean Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network (PTTC), EDC and Rutgers University provide training and technical assistance (TTA) to substance misuse prevention professionals in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. TTA includes products, events, tools, and resources along with support for professionals in using new research on evidence-based practices and responding to emerging trends in substance misuse.

Key Activities

The Northeast and Caribbean PTTC team carries out the following activities:

  • Conduct virtual and telephone needs assessments with over 350 prevention practitioners
  • Host trainings to share proven and promising prevention strategies to address existing and emerging substance misuse issues, including the opioid crisis and youth vaping epidemic
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation at the state- and organization-levels to support practitioners in implementing data-informed prevention planning processes
  • Design and deliver peer-sharing opportunities for prevention professionals from across the region


  • By 2024, the Northeast and Caribbean PTTC will provide over 300 TTA consultations to more than 7,500 individuals
  • The team launched and maintains a listserv that provides resources to over 3,000 prevention professionals representing states, territories, tribal nations, communities, and schools

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