With one quarter of the population between the ages of 10 and 24, the demand in Southeast Asia for education and economic opportunity is greater than ever. EDC’s efforts in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Lower Mekong to create meaningful opportunities for youth by aligning public, private, education, and industry partners have been successful, reaching hundreds of thousands of young people.

EDC is also improving elementary and basic education for younger children though high-quality literacy programs, teacher professional development, and policy implementation. And we are fighting drug abuse and HIV/AIDS through programs that help people develop the knowledge and behaviors they need to chart a long, healthy future.


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White papers

Save Our Future, a global coalition, rallied diverse voices amid the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the vital link between education and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.


This guide provides an overview of IRI as a methodology, and discusses its feasibility and applicability in a range of contexts.


In this action memo, we consider proposals for more effective donor investment in school health and nutrition.


This study provides policy makers and program planners interested in youth service programs in developing countries with a history of the evolution of youth service in different regions.

Fact sheets

Through WRN Workplace, work-based learning is integrated into EDC’s Work Ready Now program to make learning come alive outside of the classroom.


This document highlights lessons learned in implementing the youth mapping development model internationally.

White papers

This study examines the effects of EDC’s interactive radio instruction (IRI) programming on student learning outcomes in classrooms in India, documenting the significant positive effects of the structured support for instructional improvement that IRI provides.


This program note presents summary findings of an evaluation study of the global Hewlett-Packard Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) program, conducted in China, India, Kenya, Nigeria,

White papers

A discussion paper highlighting the crucial role of youth in driving a just economic transition and accelerating climate change adaptation by connecting local initiatives with global commitments, p


This report builds on the DeliverEd research in Ghana, Pakistan, Jordan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania that sheds light on the effectiveness of delivery approaches for improving policy implementation. It proposes a framework for policymakers to consider when determining whether and how to launch, learn from, and scale and sustain delivery approaches.