Even with decades of investment in STEM education research, a gap still remains between research studies and the perceived needs of education practitioners. As a result, studies are often designed without the input of the educators and schools for which the results are intended, and the research is not applied in the field.

The Research + Practice (R+P) Collaboratory, an innovative collaboration between EDC and several partner organizations, works to ground research in the realities and day-to-day practices of actual educators. This work is helping to create a clearer vision of effective practice for the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Key Activities

The R+P Collaboratory builds and supports collaboration between educators and researchers and uses those partnerships to develop research projects that address local needs. Its activities include:

  • Collecting, creating, and synthesizing translational research to expand STEM educators’ and education leaders’ access to, and awareness of, current relevant research
  • Offering opportunities for cross-sector meetings to foster engagement and cultural exchange between researchers and education practitioners
  • Innovating, testing, and documenting new instructional resources and strategies at adaptation sites in rural Maine, urban Washington state, and urban California
  • Disseminating products and results through national research and practice professional associations and networks

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Research+Practice (R+P) Collaboratory
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