Kristen Reed, an expert in early childhood and elementary mathematics, is dedicated to making mathematics fun, challenging, and engaging for children, families, and educators. A highly experienced researcher and instructional designer, her work examines the impact of mathematics games, educator training, and family engagement on children’s school readiness, mathematics learning, and persistence. She specializes in developing creative and effective interventions for children from low-income communities and communities of color.

Reed leads a strand of work to develop math community partnerships to establish a “web of opportunity” that aligns young children’s learning experiences across school, home, and community to foster mathematics knowledge and positive attitudes toward mathematics. She frequently publishes her work in journals.

Currently, she is also working to expand access to programming and computational thinking in all elementary mathematics classrooms by designing programming micro-worlds that align with the core mathematics topics in grades 2–5.

Reed holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in International Comparative Education from Stanford University, as well as an MEd in Elementary Education from Lesley University.