In this midterm evaluation of the Basa Pilipinas project in the Philippines, EDC tracked and measured changes in student reading performance. The evaluation was conducted over a period of years and followed a cross-sectional design that examined student reading data on Filipino and English Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) as well as data on school environment obtained through student interviews.

 Key Findings

  • Classrooms receiving the full Basa intervention showed significant improvements in student reading skills in Filipino, particularly on fluency and reading comprehension.
  • With Basa assistance, grade 2 students achieved substantial gains in reading comprehension in Filipino, by as much as 24 percent at endline.
  • Basa’s intervention significantly helped teachers improve their classroom management by ensuring more equitable participation of learners, more accessibility of classroom materials, and more effective management of reading and writing instruction.
  • The most improvement was seen in the domain of language and literacy instruction, particularly in providing opportunities for students to develop oral language, reading fluency, and comprehension.


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