October 3, 2019

Did a teacher ever help you say, “I can!” instead of “I can’t!”? I invite you to remember that moment and to think about the world of difference that teacher made for you.

In fact, in honor of World Teachers’ Day (October 5), let’s reflect on all of the teachers who pour their skill, creativity, energy, and love into making the impossible possible for their students. I was very lucky to have a few teachers who helped me see the potential in myself that I had no clue existed. Their influence on me still lingers, and they are one of the many reasons that I work at EDC.

For over 60 years, and in 80 countries, EDC has partnered with educators to enhance the learning and well-being of children and youth and help them say, “I can!” When we refer to educators, we mean all of those who support learners—nonformal education providers, preschool teachers, K–12 teachers, and out-of-school time staff. We deeply respect educators. Their work is frequently challenging, often unappreciated, sometimes dangerous, and always vital. We know this is true because many of EDC’s staff are former educators. You can meet a few of them in these articles: “An Educator at Heart” and “What Did Teaching Teach You?

EDC staff work hard to understand educators’ strengths and needs, identify their challenges, and help them succeed in their key roles. The resources they create for educators are research-based, highly innovative, and co-designed with educators.

Here are some of my favorite, free EDC guides and tools for educators! Around the world, educators are using and enjoying these resources:

If you are an educator, thank you for all you do. I hope that you, too, enjoy these resources. And, please take a few minutes to browse edc.org. You’ll find many other helpful tips and tools.

Kim Elliott is director of communications for EDC’s U.S. Division. 

Early Childhood Development and Learning
Elementary and Secondary Education
Capacity Building for Individuals, Organizations, and Systems
Out-of-School Learning

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