March 4, 2024


Coming Together to Close the Gaps

Join EDC in conversation on critical education issues at CIES 2024! The conference will be held in Miami, Florida, March 10–14, and we’ll be participating in over 20 sessions delving into key areas.

Investing in the Future of Learning: From strengthening higher education to fostering literacy, EDC champions accessible and transformative learning opportunities. Learn how we can support students in their learning journey and provide equitable access to education.

Combating Climate Change through Education: The fight against climate change requires informed action. We’ll explore strategies to raise awareness, build resilience, and equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to face environmental challenges head-on.

Promoting Mental Well-Being for All: The mental health crisis is being experienced globally. Discover how EDC supports individuals and communities to build resilience, navigate challenges, and create healthy environments for thriving.

Catalyzing Community-Led Solutions: Learn how EDC partners with communities to make positive, lasting developments, foster self-reliance, and strengthen local systems through local leadership and capacity building.

Please visit us in Riverfront Hall at table R12. EDC will also be posting to our social media accounts from the meeting. Follow us on Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


EDC at CIES Presentations – 2024
This document includes a comprehensive list of all presentations supported by or featuring EDC staff.

EDC & Accelerated Education
This two-page brief outlines EDC’s approach to accelerated education for out-of-school children and youth in contexts from active conflict zones to developing education systems.

EDC Start Right Now!
This two-page resource showcases how EDC’s Start Right Now! program—an integrated, intergenerational early childhood development solution for low-resource communities—links health, education, and workforce development interventions to enhance caring, learning, and earning for all participants.

IBE Math
This two-page brief highlights how EDC’s basic education programs in low-resource environments support students in developing the foundation math skills they need to explain and analyze the world around them.

ICAN Summary Brief
This seven-page document describes how Investing in Climate Action Now (ICAN) supports individual and systemic resilience and adaptation to climate change through practical, meaningful education. The program builds strong links between lives lived outside the classroom and instructional practice within the classroom, promoting greater awareness of climate-related challenges and responses, and building an ethos of practical solutions among all types of learners.

Let’s Learn Together Fact Sheet
This two-page brief documents how the Apprendre Tous Ensemble! (Let’s Learn Together!) activity increases the accessibility, quality, and inclusivity of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

OLA Brief
This two-page document highlights EDC’s Out-of-School Youth Literacy Assessment (OLA): an evidence-based, robust tool that quickly measures the foundational literacy skills of older youth and adults.

Read Right Now
This two-page resource highlights how EDC’s Read Right Now early grade and youth literacy framework supports strong systems for literacy instruction and promotion through an evidence-based approach that builds skills in reading, writing, and oral communication.

USAID Let’s Read Performance Tracking System
This one-page document describes the enhanced Performance Tracking System (PTS), a digital dashboard that hosts standardized literacy assessment, coaching, and school profile data for 5,000 public and community schools in five USAID partner provinces in Zambia.

EDC International Workforce Development Capacity Statement
This eight-page document details EDC’s experience and strategy in upskilling and improving economic opportunities for underserved youth in low- and middle-income countries, including their work with public and private sector partners.

OWOW COP 28 brochure
This brochure highlights EDC’s Our World, Our Work, which advances youth-centered systems change in the pursuit of green and blue jobs. The initiative focuses on supporting women, girls, and youth most impacted by climate change by understanding and responding to hyper-local labor market demands to then provide relevant skills training and entrepreneurship support.

Fostering Mental Health & Well-Being
This resource spotlights EDC’s mental health and well-being framework, which helps children and youth thrive in a complex world. In this integrated continuum of care for young people, each building block of mental health and well-being is accessible to anyone based on their level of need.

Mental Health for All
This resource details Mental Health for All, a scalable mental health education and skills training package for youth. Consistent with a rights-based approach, Mental Health for All centers on the belief that young people are capable of learning effective self-help approaches that will enable them to maintain good mental health and help prevent mental health disorders from forming or worsening.

EDC Higher Education Partnerships for the Future
This two-page brief highlights how EDC works with higher education institutions (HEIs), including colleges, universities, and technical and vocational education and training facilities (TVETs), to strengthen educational and economic systems.

Our World, Our Work
This page on EDC’s website provides details on Our World, Our Work, a ten-year mission to support 1 million youth in their pursuit of inclusive and sustainable jobs in the blue and green economy.

This page includes job postings and resources for individuals interested in careers at EDC.