December 9, 2019

EDC Advances Work to Support Student Success

New Comprehensive Centers will support education leaders in New England and New York

EDC is building capacity to close achievement gaps, enhance instruction, and improve student outcomes through two Comprehensive Centers newly funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Over the next five years, EDC will be a partner to AIR on the Region 1 Comprehensive Center, which includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and to WestEd on the Region 2 Comprehensive Center, covering Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Both Comprehensive Centers will provide high-quality, intensive capacity-building services—including developing materials, tools, and training—to meet the school improvement priorities of education leaders.

Currently, EDC is working with its partners to finalize a five-year technical assistance plan for each Comprehensive Center.

“EDC has a long history of promoting student success through the REL Northeast & Islands and Comprehensive Centers program,” noted Pam Buffington, Region 1 lead. “We understand each region’s challenges and strengths and are ready to hit the ground running to support leaders.”

“We look forward to collaborating with leaders and accelerating their efforts to meet the Every Student Succeeds Act’s goal to ensure public schools provide a quality education for all children,” said Nicole Breslow, Region 2 lead.

Currently, EDC is leading and partnering in 10 national, regional, and state centers and initiatives focused on improving the learning and well-being of pre-K–12 students.