June 3, 2021

EDC Wins Two Awards at NSF STEM For All Video Showcase

EDC’s work to promote mathematics and STEM education is celebrated at the 2021 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM For All Video Showcase

Two videos produced by EDC senior research scientist Wendy Martin, principal research scientist Jessica Young, and senior project director Kristen Reed were honored with awards in the recent 2021 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM For All Video Showcase. The videos were among 287 Showcase entries viewed by over 92,000 visitors from 160 countries.

Martin’s video, “Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students (IDEAS): Remote,” received a Facilitator’s Choice Award. Developed with EDC researcher Ariana Riccio, partners from New York Hall of Science, and teachers, the video shares how the IDEAS team swiftly shifted the program to a remote model during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IDEAS engages autistic students and their neurotypical peers in an engineering-design maker program that helps prepare them for college and careers. A recent study showed that IDEAS led to improved outcomes for all participating students. The study also found that autistic students who struggled in normal school settings were successful in creating their projects and communicating about those projects with their peers.

In the IDEAS video, one young participant says, “This program has helped me be so creative, and also engage with others in making cool designs and builds.” IDEAS teacher Miriam Castro-Campos of the NYC Department of Education notes, “I’m inspired by our students. I believe that students will rise to any challenge.”

Young and Reed’s video, “Young Mathematicians: Transforming PreK Learning Environments,” was 1 of 13 videos to receive a Public Choice award. During the pandemic, their team continued to enhance children’s math learning by providing online support for teachers and distributing 3,100 kits—with mini-books, sets of “dot cards,” games, and instructional booklets in four languages—to families. 

The team, which includes Deborah Schifter, Lindsay Clements, Kim Foster, Louisa Anastasopoulos, Lori Coletti, and Donna Dervishian, partners with Head Start teachers and families to close early math opportunity gaps. Drawing on engaging games and strengths-based approaches, they support caregivers in fostering children’s enjoyment of math and development of foundational skills.

In the video, parent participant Shemekia Pearson reflects on her experience with Young Mathematicians: “Playing these games was quality time with my child, but it was quality time that I felt was beneficial to his today and his future. I see how confident he is in math, and it makes me feel proud.”

Both the IDEAS and Young Mathematicians programs are in the process of scaling up to reach more learners and educators nationwide.

“Many thanks go to the educators who co-designed the program with us and are helping us refine it,” Martin said. “This video would not have been possible without them and the great young people who participated in IDEAS during COVID-19.”

“We appreciate all of those who took the time to vote for and comment on our video,” Young said. “And we are so grateful to the families, teachers, and community partners who helped us keep children exploring and enjoying math in a tough year for all.”

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