This report examines Cyberchase: Mobile Adventures in STEM, a bilingual family engagement program for families with children ages 6 to 8 years old that uses weekly text messages and media to encourage parents and kids to do fun, hands-on environmental learning activities at home. Based on WNET’s award-winning, educational PBS KIDS series Cyberchase, the program aims to address the needs of underserved families, including low-income and Spanish-speaking families, when it comes to STEM learning.

A 6-week pilot study conducted by EDC examined the program’s use by 95 families in four metropolitan areas, asking how parents and children used the materials, and how they benefited. As detailed in the report, simple hands-on STEM activities paired with fun Cyberchase media, delivered via mobile text, allowed low income parents to integrate educational moments with kids into their daily lives. After six weeks, participating parents reported that family members had greater environmental awareness, were undertaking more conservation behaviors, and were developing new appreciation of each other as learners.

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Noah Goodman, Jamie Kynn, Bill Tally
59 pp