March 23, 2021

Free Tools to Build SEL and Mental Health Supports in Schools

Using data to enhance students’ and teachers’ well-being

As the pandemic has changed nearly every facet of American life over the past year, many school districts are facing unprecedented challenges in supporting their students’ mental health and well-being.

EDC’s Rapid Assessment and Action Planning team guides education leaders in creating strong, districtwide systems of social and emotional learning (SEL) and mental health supports. Led by Shai Fuxman, our team of nationally known experts—including Jim Vetter and Heidi Kar—works with districts to assess SEL and mental health system strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities and to develop ambitious and manageable action plans.

In celebration of International SEL Day on March 26, following are three evidence-based tools that can help your district get started on its journey to improve SEL and mental wellness supports.

For support using these tools, or to learn how to strengthen your district’s SEL and mental health programming, contact Shai Fuxman for a free 45 minute consultation. 

Download free SEL resources



Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health: Tiered Supports Inventory
Use this tool to create a comprehensive map of all of your SEL and mental health programs, practices, and policies using the multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) framework. This inventory is the first step to understanding what’s working well now and identifying gaps and areas to strengthen.

Identification, Placement, and Progress Monitoring Process: Guiding Questions on SEL and Mental Health Supports
Employ this tool to reflect on how your district currently identifies students who need additional SEL and mental health services beyond what is offered in the classroom, how you connect students with support, and how you monitor students’ progress. Completing this tool is key to analyzing your current process.
Self-Assessment for School Teams Worksheet: Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health
Enjoy this sneak preview of one section of our comprehensive 30-page self-assessment. The full tool can help your team take a deep dive into assessing the processes and systems that bring SEL and mental health supports into one cohesive and effective system. The tool also builds your knowledge of MTSS and helps you evaluate whether your school has MTSS for SEL and mental health.