May 26, 2020

EDC Receives Three Awards at the NSF STEM for All Video Showcase

Videos by EDC STEM education experts Eden Badertscher, Jackie DeLisi, and Randy Kochevar won awards in the 2020 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM for All Video Showcase.

The showcase, which took place on May 5–12, featured 171 videos viewed by 58,000 visitors from 143 countries. Only 33 of the 171 videos were recognized with awards. EDC’s award-winning videos follow:

The theme of this year’s Video Showcase, “Learning from Research and Practice,” achieved a high level of engagement from viewers. Researchers, educators, and the public posted over 6,000 comments and questions during the eight-day event.

Explore all nine of EDC’s videos below.

Videos – Links and Presenters



Focusing on Science Practices and Computational Thinking

Kevin Waterman, with Kristen Bjork, Libby Boghossian, Lynn Goldsmith, Cindy Hoisington, Jeff Winokur

Creating Industry-Informed, Integrated STEM
Career Pathways

Jackie DeLisi, with Erica Fields, Kristen Almquist- Cevallos, Ed Liu

STEM Opportunities in Prison Settings (STEM-OPS)

Eden Badertscher, with Stanley Andrisse, Rich Milner, Jill Stockwell, Syrita Steib-Martin

Computational Thinking in
Early Language and Literacy

Jillian Orr, with Heather Lavigne and Marisa Wolsky

Linking Formal & Informal Investigations of Climate Change

Leigh Peake, with Jackie DeLisi and Randy Kochevar

Computational Thinking in
Rural and Urban Preschool Math

Marisa Wolsky and Heather Lavigne

Blending Science, Coding, and Transparent Soil

Mike Barnett, with Jackie DeLisi

Food Justice Driven STEM: Creating Changemakers

Rajeev Rupani, with Mike Barnett, Jackie DeLisi, Meghan Broadstone

Arts-Focused STEM Learning: Blending Science, Coding, & Art

Megan McKinley-Hicks, with Mike Barnett, Jackie DeLisi, Meghan Broadstone