This is the summary pre-print report of a pair of national research studies examining the impact of the PBS KIDS series Molly of Denali on children’s ability to use informational text to answer real-world questions. The research studies found that access to the Molly of Denali resources improved children’s ability to use informational text to solve real-world problems.

Selected key findings:

  • Younger children benefited more from access to Molly of Denali resources.
  • The more time children spent with the Molly of Denali resources, the better they performed. For every hour that children spent, they scored about a quarter of a point higher at post-test.

For more about this research, visit “Learning with Media, One Adventure at a Time.”

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Joy Lorenzo Kennedy, Tiffany Maxon, Janna Kook, Naomi Hupert, Shelley Pasnik, Claire Christensen, Sarah Gerard, Elisa Garcia, Phil Vahey
20 pp

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