Mosaic: The EDC Podcast

EDC experts weigh in on current events and pressing challenges in education, health, and economic development around the world.

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Denise Clarke-Reeves and Sarah Nogueira Sanca discuss why an estimated 300,000 Liberian children do not attend school and how EDC’s work is helping to get more children back into the classroom.

Kit Yasin discusses the importance of speaking in language development and shares a clip of a Honduran student using the new program EDC is developing in collaboration with Skype.

Thelma Khelghati discusses what it takes to promote literacy in resource-lean environments.

Viwe Mtshontshi discusses how comprehensive sexuality education is connecting youth with health services and helping to change attitudes about health and sexuality.

Abigail Jurist Levy discusses the Coalition for Elementary Science and describes how to inspire young students’ interest in the subject.

EDC’s Rebecca Bishop discusses who is most at risk for problem gambling and how communities and casinos are working together on prevention.

President David Offensend discusses EDC’s legacy of innovation, as well as our impact on education, health, and workforce development.

Bonnie Lipton discusses some of the current ways that colleges and universities are addressing the need for mental health and suicide prevention programs.

Gary Langis discusses strategies that can play a significant role in keeping individuals alive in the days and weeks following an overdose.

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