Lynn Goldsmith, a distinguished scholar/adviser and highly experienced educational researcher, applies her training as a developmental psychologist to provide new insights into effective approaches to interdisciplinary STEM learning and teaching. Drawing on her extensive expertise in mixed-methods approaches, quasi-experimental designs, qualitative descriptive studies, and case studies, she advances knowledge of factors that powerfully affect teaching and learning.

Goldsmith’s research interests include innovative approaches to STEM education; strategies to support teachers’ professional learning; and synergies between the arts and the sciences. In her work, she examines the impacts on students of the interplay among curriculum, teaching, learning, and administrative practice.

A widely published author, Goldsmith has written about mathematics teachers’ learning, use of video in professional development, visual-spatial thinking, developing students’ metacognitive monitoring, and child prodigies. She is a coauthor of several books, including Examining Mathematics Practice through Classroom Artifacts and Nature's Gambit: Child Prodigies and the Development of Human Potential.

Goldsmith holds a BA in Psychology from Yale University and a PhD in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Child Development.