This report surveys state-level efforts to improve access to K–12 computer science education opportunities in the United States. The report examines progress towards 10 policy priorities widely seen as central to broadening participation in K–12 computer science education and offers recommendations for advocates and policymakers on improving alignment of state-level efforts. Emerging best practices in scaling up computer science education opportunities are also addressed.

Key Recommendations

  • Build a broad base of leadership and ownership among key stakeholders
  • Develop short-, medium-, and long-term strategies, with a view to coherence and sustainability
  • Use data to monitor progress, inform decision making, and drive continuous improvement
  • Use the growing talent pool of national expertise in national organizations and in leadership states

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Jim Stanton, Lynn Goldsmith, W. Richards Adrion, Sarah Dunton, Katie A. Hendrickson, Alan Peterfreund, Pat Yongpradit, Rebecca Zarch, Jennifer Dounay Zinth
52 pp

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