Many frontline professionals in community services, law enforcement services, and the health system lack the skills and knowledge they need to safely meet the needs of those at heightened risk of suicide. It is crucial therefore to deepen their understanding of the most effective approaches to use for responding to the intersections of domestic violence and suicide risk and to build their capacity to support the health of their constituents, their peers, and themselves.

Under a COVID-19 Rapid Response grant, EDC is addressing these needs by designing and delivering training and consultation programs for Chickasaw Nation domestic violence advocates and tribal police officers. In addition, the Zero Suicide Institute at EDC is building the capacity of the Chickasaw Nation’s health and behavioral health care systems to address suicide risk.

Key Activities

EDC is conducting the following activities:

  • Develop and deliver a virtual workshop and community-of-practice training program for domestic violence community advocates on the intersections of suicide risk and domestic violence experiences
  • Design and provide a virtual workshop and consultation program on suicide prevention for communities and officers for the Lighthorse Police Department
  • Offer Zero Suicide programming on health system approaches to suicide care to a variety of tribal health systems


  • The resulting culturally tailored training programs will prepare an estimated 400 service providers and public safety professionals in the Chickasaw Nation to better understand and respond to issues of suicide care, the intersection of domestic violence and suicide risk, intervention needs, and suicide risk assessment.

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