EDC’s Proyecto METAS conducted a survey in three at-risk urban communities in Honduras between March and May 2013. The purpose of the survey was to develop a comprehensive understanding of the at-risk youth population in Honduras and to develop a comprehensive understanding of youth crime and violence in urban areas.

Key Findings

  • Young people aspire to employment or a steady income, a stable family, and educational achievements, such as graduating from high school.
  • Parents’ aspirations for their children vary by community risk level.
  • Religious organizations and families are critical “external assets.”
  • Poverty and the lack of economic opportunity are persistent obstacles for young people and their parents.
  • Family disintegration and inadequate support and guidance are detrimental to the development of both children and youth.
  • The lack of community trust for youth due to their age or community of origin is an additional challenge.
  • Violence, gang pressure, extortion, and ineffective police responses present challenges to all aspects of respondents’ lives.


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Lorena Cohan, Beth Mayberry, Gustavo Payan, John Rosiak
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