April 9, 2018

EDC’s Zero Suicide Featured at HLTH Conference

EDC’s Zero Suicide Institute is a partner for HLTH, The Future of Healthcare, an upcoming health care innovation event to be held May 6–9 in Las Vegas. The event features 100 sessions covering new technologies, innovative tools, and business strategies for improving health care while lowering costs.

The four-day conference features an impressive list of speakers representing health care giants such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Athena Health; major companies such as Walmart, Comcast, Amazon, Google, Uber, and Fidelity; as well as public health practitioners and advocates who will discuss the future of health care.

On May 8, EDC’s Julie Goldstein Grumet, director of the Zero Suicide Institute, will be a featured speaker for Leveraging Tech to Support Innovation in Mindfulness and Mental Health. This panel will highlight digital innovations targeting mood disorders, PTSD symptoms, and other issues. Grumet will describe the approach and goals of Zero Suicide and its use of technology to improve patient safety and outcomes for those at risk of suicide. EDC’s Heidi Kar will moderate the panel.

To date, the Zero Suicide approach has been adopted by more than 400 health care organizations in 26 states.

To attend the conference, use this link and code zerosuicide150 to save $150 on the registration fee.