Researchers and policymakers agree that high-quality preschool STEM learning supports children’s school readiness and success. Yet far too few children, particularly those who are dual language learners, have opportunities to explore STEM. Teachers and families alike need resources and support to promote children’s early STEM learning.

With Digital Promise and WGBH, EDC is creating and studying digital and non-digital resources to promote young children’s learning of science, engineering, and mathematics. Building on their Next Generation Preschool Science project, the partners are working to bridge learning at school and at home and to promote the use of STEM resources by dual language learners and their families.

Key Activities

Using the Early Science with Nico and Nor science curricular supplement they developed, the team is carrying out the following activities:

  • Identify science learning goals and opportunities to integrate engineering and mathematics exploration
  • Engage researchers, teachers, families, curriculum developers, and media designers in the design process
  • Conduct design-based research to test activities in homes and preschools in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C.
  • Carry out a field study in 14 public preschool classrooms to test Early Science with Nico and Nor


  • Has the potential to impact hundreds of low-income, diverse children and dozens of teachers and parents who are directly involved in this effort
  • Provides new insights into effective strategies to bridge home and school learning and address dual language learners’ needs

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