J.P. Morgan is investing $2 billion globally over the next five years to drive an inclusive economic recovery and to support underserved communities in rural and urban areas. The firm is focused on using its expertise in business, public policy, and philanthropy, as well as its global presence, expertise, and resources, to advance jobs and skills, financial health, small business growth, and neighborhood development.

As part of this effort, J.P. Morgan is collaborating with EDC to support workforce development projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Our work together began in 2007 with Work Ready Now, a project that delivered effective work readiness preparation to youth, giving them access to a second chance at economic success. Since then, we’ve collaborated on the Accelerating Work Achievement and Readiness for Employment (AWARE) project in Indonesia and the Philippines, where 4,357 students were trained in a mix of technical and work-readiness skills, such as digital skills, problem-solving, and communication. In 2017, we expanded the program to include Thailand. The AWARE2 project worked with vocational education institutions, secondary schools, and technical colleges in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand to prepare students with the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. Most recently, we’ve begun work on AWARE3, which aims to prepare Indonesian youth for full engagement in the emerging digital economy by strengthening local education systems and private sector engagement while nurturing both the technical and soft skills demanded by high-growth industry partners.

We thank J.P. Morgan for the important work they’ve done to improve the lives of young people throughout Southeast Asia, and we appreciate the chance to contribute to fulfilling their mission.