Overdeck Family Foundation focuses exclusively on education, with an emphasis on five primary areas: early childhood, educators, schools, out-of-school STEM opportunities, and the use of data to improve policy and practice. Their mission is to provide all children with the opportunity to unlock their potential by enhancing education both in and out of school.

Since its founding in 2011, the Foundation has awarded over 240 grants to various organizations and projects. Approximately one-third of their funding supports research, and the other two-thirds promote programs. In either case, Overdeck Family Foundation seeks evidence-based, real-world impact. They emphasize local needs and contexts, collaboration, and the inclusion of community voices.

The goals of Overdeck Family Foundation align well with EDC’s Games for Young Mathematicians family math intervention. In this project, we’re working to provide high-quality, accessible, and sustainable early math resources to children, educators, and families in the community of Worcester, Massachusetts. We’re working with a range of educators—Head Start teachers, librarians, family advocates—who will interact with 6,400 children from low-income families to promote early math skills.

EDC thanks Overdeck Family Foundation for partnering with us to make this important work possible.

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