June 26, 2018

Preventing Opioid Misuse: What Works?

Effectively addressing opioid misuse takes effort and coordination. Here are some places for prevention practitioners to start.

Across the United States, policymakers and public health officials are working hard to address a crisis that is devastating individuals, families, and communities. As the opioid crisis grows, the need to find public health approaches that work—in both the short- and long-term—has only grown more urgent.

In this series of podcasts, EDC’s Rachel Pascale sits down with some of the organization’s leading substance misuse prevention specialists to talk about how prevention practitioners can effectively confront opioid misuse.

Prevention Works

Much of the national effort to address opioid misuse focuses on helping people access effective treatment. But it’s also essential to consider how we can prevent people from misusing opioids in the first place. In this podcast, EDC’s Shai Fuxman explores the role of prevention in addressing the opioid crisis.

The Power of Partnership

Building effective substance misuse prevention programs often requires health professionals, social services, and policymakers to work collaboratively. EDC’s Dodi Swope and Chuck Klevgaard address the importance of working with diverse partners to develop programs that work.

Searching for Evidence

Prevention practitioners understand the importance of evidence. But what happens when new problems emerge—such as our current opioid crisis—and there isn’t a significant body of evidence to turn to? EDC’s Kim Dash and Kristen Quinlan discuss how to use existing and emerging research to build prevention programs that work—and last.