May 10, 2022

Seventeen EDC Videos Featured in 2022 STEM Video Showcase

EDC experts will share innovative work to enhance the equity and quality of pre-K–16 STEM learning in the free 2022 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM For All Video Showcase on May 10–17. The theme of this year’s Showcase is “Access, Inclusion, and Equity.”

All are invited to visit the Showcase website, view videos, post questions and comments, and vote for your favorite videos. In 2021, EDC received two Showcase awards.

Thirty-one EDC staff will present and co-present 17 videos that focus on strategies to enhance mathematics learning, expand access to pathways to STEM careers, promote data literacy, foster computer science learning and computational thinking, leverage the use of apps, and more.

Catherine McCulloch, director of NSF’s Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE), and Andresse St. Rose, EDC director of educational research and evaluation, will serve as Showcase facilitators.

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Mathematics Through Programming in the Elementary Grades

Deborah Spencer, Paul Goldenberg, June Mark, Kristen Reed, Kate Coleman

Math For All: Helping Diverse Students Learn

Babette Moeller, Andrea Brothman, Matt McLeodPeter Tierney-Fife, Nesta Marshall (Bank Street College of Education), Teresa Duncan (Deacon Hill Research Associates)

STEM Opportunities In Prison Settings

Terrell Blount, Neil Schiavo, Eden Badertscher, Syrita Steib (Operation Restoration), Jill Stockwell (Princeton)

Perspectives from the Field on Equity and the Future of Work

Joyce Malyn-Smith, Eden Badertscher

WeatherX: Building Data Literacy Among Rural Youth

Josephine Louie, Brian Fitzgerald (Mount Washington Observatory), Kevin Waterman, Emily Fagan, Pam Buffington

Strengthening the Pipeline from Service to STEM

Rebecca Lewis, Brianna Roche

Mentoring New Data Pathways in Community Colleges

Sarah MacGillivray, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Leana Nordstrom, James Polzin (Normandale Community College)

Introducing All Students to Computer Science Within Core Science Courses

Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee, Jackie DeLisi

NASA’s Neurodiversity Network

Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma State University), Wendy Martin, Ariana Riccio, Laura Peticolas (Sonoma State University), Sylvia Perez (New York Hall of Science)

Leveraging Augmented Reality in Preschool Spatial Learning

Ashley Lewis Presser, Jillian Orr (GBH), Sarah Gerard (SRI), Ceri Riley (GBH), Borgna Brunner (GBH)

Leveraging Tablets to Foster Preschool Data Collection & Analysis

Ashley Lewis Presser, Jessica Young, Jillian Orr (GBH), Anessa Roth (GBH)

Linking Science with Engineering and Math across Home and School

Ximena Dominguez (Digital Promise), Jillian Orr (GBH), Regan Vidiksis, Danae Kamdar (Digital Promise), Kevin McElhaney (Digital Promise), Tiffany Leones (Digital Promise), Ashley Lewis Presser

Preschool Computational Thinking and Early Literacy

Heather Lavigne, Michelle Cerrone, Borgna Brunner (GBH), Jillian Orr (GBH), Marisa Wolsky (GBH)

Engineering and Empathy, Pre-K/K

Melissa Higgins (Boston Children’s Museum), Michelle Cerrone

The Deep End of the Pool: Inviting Early College Students to Be Mathematicians

Terrance Pendleton (Drake University), Sarah Sword

In Educators’ Voices: Building Learning Ecosystems

Leigh Peake (Gulf of Maine Research Institute), Jackie DeLisi, Lisa Phelps (University of Maine), Marijke Visser (Maine State Library), Christine Voyer (Gulf of Maine Research Institute)

Building Data Literacy Through the Arts

Camillia Matuk (NYU Steinhardt), Kayla DesPortes (NYU Steinhardt), Megan Silander, Ralph Vacca (Fordham University), Peter Woods (NYU Steinhardt), Marian Tes (NYU Steinhardt)