In today’s data-driven world, innovation, scientific progress, and the health of civil society demand a data-literate citizenry and a workforce with strong statistical thinking skills. Studies show, however, that schools are neither preparing students adequately nor drawing enough students—particularly from historically marginalized groups—to data science fields.

To address this need, EDC’s Strengthening Data Literacy across the Curriculum project is developing and studying curriculum materials for high school statistics classes to promote interest and skills in statistical thinking and data science among high schools with large proportions of Black and Latino/a students. The project engages students with data investigations that focus on issues of social justice, using large-scale socioeconomic data sets and online data visualization tools.

Key Activities

EDC has been carrying out the following activities with its partners:

  • Work with statistics and social studies teachers to develop curriculum modules involving data investigations of income inequality and immigration in the United States
  • Provide professional development and implementation support for educators
  • Study classroom module implementation and learning strategies for supporting students
  • Measure growth in students’ interest in and understanding of important data analysis concepts associated with project modules
  • Generate and disseminate research findings


  • 18 participating teachers in 12 Massachusetts high schools have helped to develop and test the modules, reaching over 650 students from high schools with predominantly Black students, Latino/a students, and students from families with low incomes.

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