Audio Now!: A Proven Child Development Program

Across the globe, the pandemic has disrupted educational systems and children’s learning. With EDC’s help, communities are turning to a powerful tool: interactive radio.

For 30 years, EDC has implemented interactive audio instruction (IAI) programs, reaching 24 countries, over 100 million learners, and hundreds of thousands of facilitators—with dramatic learning results. We have an extensive catalog of standards-aligned content, deep implementation expertise, and a strong local presence throughout the world.

What we need are partners able to join forces with us to meet the current global pandemic. Together, we can keep young people learning.

Why Audio Is a Powerful Tool

IAI is a distance learning technology that benefits children whose educational systems have been disrupted or halted due to the pandemic. EDC has used audio to reach children unserved by conventional programs, in unstable and conflict-affected regions, and where broadband is not widely available. We do this by delivering low-cost, culturally appropriate education via broadcast radio and mobile audio technology.

Read “The Case for Learning by Radio: Teacher Support, Wide Accessibility, and Hands-on Experience in the Classroom.”

Join Our Efforts

EDC has expertise working on all aspects of audio programming, especially in resource-lean settings. We understand all aspects of the supply chain, including content development and distribution, stakeholder roles, hardware and infrastructure, and assessments and evaluation.

We are in conversation with governments, donors, and other stakeholders actively responding to the pandemic, including USAID, the World Bank, ministries of education, school districts, and NGOs. Because radio broadcast is likely the quickest and most effective way to disseminate existing audio education resources widely, we are quickly repurposing our catalog of audio programs.

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Contact Helen Boyle to discuss partnership opportunities.

EDC’s Catalog of Programs

EDC’s existing IAI programs are available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Malagasy, Chichewa, Bamanankan, Songhai, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, and Somali. Program content includes literacy, math, social studies, science, foreign and second language instruction and life skills. It is aligned to standards and best practices and was validated by ministries of education at the time the programs were developed. We can make these programs available to donors and host country governments to use with COVID-19 recovery.

Read “Repurposing Established Radio and Audio Series to Address the COVID-19 Educational Crises.” | Français

Please contact Rachel Christina for further information about accessing and repurposing any of these resources.

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