Almost all Haitian students have experienced disruptions to education in recent years due to natural disasters, political unrest, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which have compounded the challenges of skills inequality and uncertainty in Haiti. Schools often teach in French rather than in students’ native Creole. And due to a lack of access to power, the Internet, and a smart device, the gap is widening between wealthy students who are able to continue their learning, and poorer students who cannot.

This project is a pilot program that promotes digital equity and inclusive innovation in a selected set of 20–40 pilot schools. The schools will receive a shared set of digital tools, content, professional development, and training resources to improve access to technologies and develop the core competencies necessary to deliver quality teaching in remote and hybrid learning environments. EDC is the learning partner and supports the landscape review of the existing technological infrastructure in the selected communities and a needs assessment of student and educator understanding and capacity around technology.

Key Activities

  • Improve the capabilities of Haitian teachers to deliver high-quality learning using technology and tools
  • Expand the availability of culturally relevant, standards-aligned Haitian-Creole digital content to teachers and students
  • Improve accessibility to broadband connectivity and electricity for schools and school networks


  • All 33 schools will have access to adequate sources of electricity and Internet connectivity, as well as high-quality, culturally relevant digital content.
  • 100 educators will be trained and will use technology in their classrooms to deliver digital instructional content for active, engaging learning.
  • 1,650 children will participate in digital learning in their classrooms.
  • Professional learning and ongoing coaching that combine technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge will be provided to Haitian teachers to evolve their instructional practice and classroom culture toward effective blended learning, allowing students greater self-direction and leading to improved student outcomes.

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W. K. Kellogg Foundation and McNulty Foundation

Digital Promise Global (prime), Model School Network, Anseye Pou Ayiti, Summits Education, and Blue Butterfly